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Refund request support specialized for foreigners and non-residents

An international tax accountant specializing
in「non-resident refunds」will support your refund requests.

Claiming Sales Tax Refunds

When non-residents purchase real estate, sales tax (building purchase price×sales tax % ) is applied to the building price (purchase price excluding land price). However, it is possible to receive a refund on this sales tax by claiming a refund.

Points of caution when claiming Sales Tax Refunds

As submission of various documents to the tax bureau is necessary and only those who meet the requirements are applicable, we recommend consultation before making your real estate purchase.

A Quick Look at「Sales Tax Refund」

(Actual Case)Purchase of a JPY ¥400,000,000 (¥416,000,000 total) real estate

Building Sales Tax JPY ¥200,000,000×8%=JPY ¥16,000,000
Purchase Price
JPY ¥400,000,000
JPY ¥200,000,000
Land JPY ¥200,000,000
Tax incl Sales Tax
Annual Rent Income JPY ¥43,200,000 +JPY ¥3,200,000
Necessary Expenses
(Including renovation fees)
JPY ¥21,600,000 ▲JPY ¥1,600,000
Sales tax on the building price ▲JPY ¥16,000,000
Net Refund Claim Amount ▲JPY ¥14,400,000

Let’s consult an international tax accountant regarding whether or not the case above has possibilities of a refund.

 Foreigners residing overseas and Japanese citizens residing overseas are regarded as「non-residents」in Japanese tax laws, and are exempt from not only residency taxes but in some cases, also exempt or alleviated from income taxes due to utilization of the tax treaty.
Furthermore, in contrary to residents, income within Japan are withheld. Even after filing tax returns, it is possible to claim refund for tax withheld by requesting correction. In order to do so, it is important to understand the possibility and amount of refunds.

Free checkup・No mobilization fee

Please feel free to inquire to find out possibilities of refunds.
Inquiries from overseas are also welcome.

Flow from consultation to appointment of duties

We promise to be a helping hand to all who realize their eligibility to make refund requests.

Worried about expenses?Consultation is easy! Our 3 promises

In our hopes for everyone to「consult about their refunds without having to worry about compensation」, we have prepared「Consultation is easy! Our 3 promises」.

  • Promise 1Prior consultation is free of charge
  • Promise 2In the case, no refunds are made, compensation is free of charge
  • Promise 3As the fee is a contingent fee,
    no expenses are borne until refunds are received