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privacy policy

Tanabe International Tax & Accounting Firm(hereinafter referred to as “Company”)strongly acknowledges the importance of protection of personal information and shall properly manage personal information acquired through tax accountant duties and other related duties in accordance to laws related to protection of personal information (hereinafter referred to as「Personal Information Protection Act」) and this Privacy Policy in order to provide fast, accurate, and safe tax services.

①Acquisition of Personal Information
When asking clients to provide personal information, the usage purpose shall be notified and the personal information provided shall only be used/provided for the purpose as stated and shall be handled appropriately. In the event the client does not wish to provide personal information to Company, the client may decide to refuse to provide such information, but we ask for the client’s understanding that in such case, the client may not be able to utilize all of the services.

②Usage Purpose of Personal Information
Company shall use the personal information acquired solely for the purpose as stated below.
1 For the entrustment and conduct of duties stipulated in Article 2 of the Certified Public Tax Accountant Act including creating tax documents.
2 For the smooth operation of other various duties

③Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
Company shall not disclose or provide personal information of a client to a third party. However, there are cases where information is provided to consigned parties for the purpose as stated above in a range limited to what is necessary to smoothly execute the duties, but in such case, a contract regarding protection of personal information will be signed with such parties to ensure all necessary and appropriate measures are taken. For entrusted matters, information in the range necessary to fulfill the usage purposes will be provided to financial institutions, tax offices, local governments, etc., but the personal information provided will be used in accordance to the range as stipulated in related laws and regulations.

④Security Control Measures of Personal Information
In order to prevent loss, destruction, leakage, unauthorized usage, etc. of personal information, Company shall undertake reasonable safety measures and arrange order of regulations. Furthermore, personal information of clients may be deleted in case the purpose of usage is fulfilled and it has been decided that the storage of personal information is unnecessary.

⑤Disclosure, revision, deletion of Personal Information
In the event where the person to which the personal information belongs to requests for disclosure, revision, update, deletion, etc. of personal information, Company shall correspond in good faith in accordance to the stipulations of the Personal Information Protection Act and the purpose, etc. upon confirming the identity of the person making such requests.

⑥Changes in Privacy Policy
In case of enactment, revision, etc. of related laws/regulations, or Company decides that revision is necessary, this privacy policy may be changed without notice.