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Company Information

Tokyo Nagatacho Tax Firm

Address:〒100-0014 Palais Royale Nagatacho #706 2-9-8 Nagatacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo


Representative Tax Accountant Masayuki Tanabe
Date of Birth:September 3, 1971
Birthplace:Yokohama, Kanagawa
Tokyo Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Association Kojimachi Branch Affiliate(Registration No. 92289)
Member of Rotary Club of Tokyo South

Personal History

Yokohama National University Graduate School International Business Law Graduate (International Law major/Hiroshi Kaneko Research Department)
After serving as Jobu University Department of Business Administrations and Information lecturer (adjunct) and working at Mishima Hiromitsu Tax Firm (Currently Nagamine & Mishima Accounting Office) and PricewaterhouseCoopers Bangkok Office (May 2006〜June 2008), Moved back to Japan in July 2008 and established Tanabe International Tax Firm Office renamed to Tokyo Nagatacho Tax Firm in July 2017 Present.

Main Duties

  • Tax filing and consultation of international tax and inheritance of both domestic and international wealthy persons
  • Advisor of global corporations (including listed companies)



  • 「International Inheritance Q&A」(TFP Publication、February 2004)
  • 「Q&A Overseas Emigration Tax Guide」(Zaikei Shoho Company、June 2008)
  • 「Doubts About International Taxation」(Gyosei、September 2010)
  • 「Easy-to-Understand International Inheritance」(国際相続.com、July 2012)
  • 「Q&A Tax Handbook for Overseas Residents」
    (Zaikei Shoho Company、September 2012)
  • 「Azerbaijan Unknown to the Japanese」(Pan Rolling、November 2014)


  • 「Non-Normal Transaction Regarding Corporate Tax – Looking into Possibility of Utilization of Transfer Pricing Regulation on Domestic Transaction
    (March 1994、Yokohama National University Graduate School International Business Law Master’s Thesis)
  • 「International Comparison of Inheritance Tax Regulations – Focused on Japan/US Comparison -」
    (October 2004、Japan Tax Accounting Association International Department)


  • 「Overseas Asset Reporting System and Trouble Workaround Plan Evaluation of Overseas Asset」(Monthly Zeiri、October 2012)
  • 「How to Inherit Overseas Asset」(Weekly Economist、October 8, 2013)
  • 「Practical Points on Overseas Asset Reporting System」(Zeimu Kouhou、January 2014)
  • 「Overseas Asset Reporting System Starts」(Weekly Economist、May 20, 2014)
  • 「Tax Advice on International Inheritance ■Taiwan」(Zeimu Kouhou、March 2015)
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  • 「Supplement on Strength in Overseas Asset of National Tax」(Weekly Economist、December 1, 2015)
  • 「Domestic Legal Developments to Implement Japan-Taiwan Private Taxation Regulations」(Zeimu Kouhou、April 2016)
  • 「National Tax Authorities Investigated for Undeclaration on Panama Papers」(Weekly Economist、May 24, 2016)
  • 「Account Information Exchange Begins Internationally」(Weekly Economist、January 31, 2017)


  • 「Seminar on Making Advances to Thailand for Japanese Small and Medium-sized Enterprises」(Tokyo Financial Planners)
  • 「Advantage to Defending Asset, Now-Trending Global Tax Avoidance」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「International Inheritance Practical Points Learned from 8 Cases」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「Inheritance Asset Evaluation of Overseas Asset and its Process Case Study」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「Strengthening of Supplement Overseas Asset Newest Movement and Points to Note on Inheritance and Gifting」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「A specialized tax accountant talks about the movements of overseas asset and international inheritance」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「Measures and Points to Note on International Inheritance」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「Overseas Asset Reporting Scene and Actual Situation・Solution Only an International Tax Professional Knows」(Legacy Management Group)
  • 「Overseas Real Estate and Tax vol.1, 2, 3, 4」(Global Tax Academy)


NHK、Nikkei Newspaper、Fuji Television、TV Asahi、Nippon Television、Nikkei Veritas、Tokyo Newspaper、Weekly Diamond、AERA、Weekly Asahi、Yukan Fuji、Weekly Gendai, among many others

TV Appearance

Nikkei Plus 10「The Wealthy Targeted by National Tax Authorities 10 Items of Selection Criteria」(October 5, 2015)