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Case Studies

We introduce to you below, a few examples of those who actually received large amounts of tax refunds by making their claims.

Case Study 1(Mr. N)

Residential Country United States
Transfer Real Estate Residential purpose condominium in Tokyo
(Home when residing in Japan)
Occupation Employee posted overseas
(no. of years overseas 20 years)
Transfer Price 150,000,000JPY
Withholding Tax 150,000,000JPY×10.21%=15,315,000JPY
Transfer Income 44,500,000JPY
Income Tax 4,500,000JPY×15.315%(Long-Term)
=approx. 700,000JPY
Tax Refund Amount 700,000JPY-15,315,000JPY

Case Study 2(Mr. F)

Residential Country Singapore
Transfer Real Estate Investment purpose condominium in Tokyo
Occupation Asset-holder
Transfer Price 350,000,000JPY
Withholding Tax 350,000,000JPY×10.21%=35,735,000JPY
Transfer Income ▲7,000,000JPY
Income Tax 0JPY
Tax Refund Amount 0JPY-35,735,000JPY=35,735,000JPY

As you can see above, withholding tax may be reclaimed by making refund requests.
Please consult an international tax accountant to learn about the possibilities of claiming refunds.


Refund claims have an expiration date (refunds may only be claimed for 5 years after the deadline of tax returns).
Make your free consultation quickly before your refunds become unclaimable!